“One cannot not communicate” is a tagline often used. As a human being, I have the same with art: I can simply not not create. 

Words and rhythm have always played a big part in my life. Over the years, I have appeared in multiple publications. But my crowning jewel my debut poetry album ‘Weg met de Woorden’, which came out in 2020. Additionally, I have been on stage performing poetry and spoken word since the age of 13. And when I was in college, I wrote and recorded my own music. 

In many ways you could say that art is my life. Enjoy my work!

Debuutalbum poëzie (NL)

Weg met de Woorden

“Deze bundel is tevens zijn in poëzie geschreven autobiografie. Dit zijn de gedichten van de jongen die er nooit bij hoorde. De jongen die als queer persoon van kleur zijn weg moest zien te vinden in een witte heteronormatieve wereld. En wie dat ook is gelukt. Met dank aan poëzie. Joey’s werk is rauw, intens, gevat, holistisch, lang, analytisch, scherp, grappig, kort, uit het verleden, gericht op de toekomst en helemaal van nu.”


Spoken word

Words have set me free

Language has allowed me to create a world completely of my own. Poetry enabled me to swim in a universe of resonance and understanding. Since a few years, I am being invited to create these worlds of words live on stage. For a spoken word artist, it is an incredible honor to use my voice and invite people into my perspective of life.  



The Ultimate Nomad

‘The Ultimate Nomad’ is my debut EP. Most of the songs I wrote when I was in my early twenties. Each song has an individual identity. But together they tell a story. The music is pure, balanced and unfiltered. That means no auto-tune or fancy tricks pulled out of a studio’s hat. So yes, the music sometimes is out of tune and raw. It’s honest. I truly feel this album captures my essence as life traveler.

Joey Velberg
 – guitar, lead vocal, lyrics
Mirthe de Jonge
 – backing vocals, base, cello, piano 
Elke de Jonge
 – backing vocals 
Dennis van Putten
 – producer