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When I was in my early twenties, I was in need for support. I have spent years looking for the right therapy. Most of the institutionalized ones provided superficial, temporary solutions. All of that changed when I found coaching. Through intense coaching sessions I was able to close difficult chapters of my life.

After healing myself, I started the education process of becoming a coach. And after decades of personal and professional development, 
I now use coaching intervention techniques and my life experience to help others.

I have become the person I needed myself all those years ago. The circle is complete.

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At the helm

We go to school to learn a craft. We work to earn a living. And when we have become to old for that, we retire. But where in life do we learn how to be ourselves? Functioning in society for most people simply is not enough to be happy. Especially not when that society is changing in a rapid rate. 

Only when we connect with ourselves, will we be able to connect with the world. My wish for you is for you to have a life in which you can depend on yourself, so you can be a positive force in the world.

As your coach, I support you in finding balance, so you can take your place and stand firm at the helm of your ship.


All of my intervention techniques are based on multiple sources of wisdom, namely: science, neurolinguistic programming, systemic work, body work and intuition.


Science is the art of deduction. During my time on campus, I spent learning about the governing principles of human behavior through the lens of social psychology, cognitive behavioral studies, economics and communication. And in my time as a graduate student, I examined societal change using models such as socio-technical innovation, scenario building and ecological modernization. 


NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the study of how we obtain information (neuro), how we organize that information (linguistic) and how that affects our behavior (program). Over the years, NLP has grown from a basic communication model to a vast array of coaching techniques. Each of which is designed to create significant insights in how we connect and communicate with ourselves and the world. 

Systemic Work

Systemic Work examines the relation between people and their system of origin. Next to knowledge, often habits, beliefs and sometimes even trauma can be passed down uninterruptedly for generations. With the systemic work intervention, also known as constellations, we can gain insights in these patterns and restore healthy relations. So you can give back that which isn’t yours.  

Body Work

The body is perhaps the greatest source of wisdom of all. Our body provides us with a physical basis for our existence. Recent studies have shown that we store stress, emotions and trauma into our physical self. Knowledge in this respective area, combined with specific techniques such as meditation, yoga and breath work may support you in providing release and healing.  


From the moment I was born, I can remember being deeply connected to the world around me. There is wisdom from within. All we have to do, is listen.   

Alone, each of these sources of wisdom has their limitations. But together they complement and amplify each other. Allowing me to provide the best possible support for my clients. In short: my business coaching is empirical, scientific, pragmatic, therapeutic, psychological, egalitarian, intuitive and eclectic.   

How it works

During individual sessions, we will tackle your challenges together. Every coaching trajectory is carefully constructed based on the needs of my client. Therefore, no one trajectory is the same. The sequence of sessions is unique, both in terms of content (the specific intervention techniques) as well as shape (the number of sessions). I will support you in various areas of your life to help you make the changes you are looking for.

Getting acquainted – Coaching Call

Prospective clients and I engage in a ‘Coaching Call’. This is a conversation of twenty minutes, specifically designed for us to get to know each other. You can ask questions on my approach as a business coach, while I can ask questions about you. Just to see if there is a potential match. What is more: you will leave the Coaching Call with a takeaway that you can apply immediately to spark the first change. Free of charge.  

Change in session

When there is a match, we can get started on your business coaching sessions.

Using a model specifically designed for takeoff, we will dive even deeper into your coach question. Simultaneously activating your system and preparing it for change. Based on the results of this session, I will construct a coaching plan, which will serve as compass for the remainder of the sessions. This plan includes your coaching question, specific intervention techniques, expected number of sessions and estimated budget.  

During each of the following sessions we will tackle different aspects of your transformation. You are in full control of your journey. Should your needs change along the way, we will take a different route. And when you feel like you want to stop, we will stop. Simplicity is key. Remember: I am here to support you. 

A life transformed

After your final session, you will be ready to take the next steps in your life. As a fully transformed human being.

All sessions are one-on-one, all sessions are digital or on location and all sessions are made to measure. My going rate is €100* per person per hour for individuals and €150* per person per hour for employers.

*Excluding VAT, traveling costs and venue (if applicable) 

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