The Art of Living

What does it mean to be a life artist? I can start by telling you what it’s not. Living is not about wealth, not about followers, not about power, not about ego, not about perfection. 

The noble art of living is about embracing. Embracing who you are. Embracing where you are. Embracing what you could become. 

We all have different ways. We start in different places. We have different road blocks. We have different goals. But we do have one thing in common: we are all human. 

So welcome kindness. Welcome compassion. Welcome love. 

My name is Joey Velberg. And I can’t wait to introduce you to the Art of Living. 

Transform your life

My primary focus is to help you transform your life. As a life artist, I provide coaching, art and workshops.

In my coaching practice, my primary focus is to support you on the road to your self. Most of my clients are creatives, entrepreneurs and young professionals. However, I am open to support people from all age groups, genders, worldviews, sexual orientations, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. I am specialized in methods based on social science principles, neurolinguistic programming, systemic constellations, body work and intuitive work. 

I was a very creative child. From a very young age, I started making stories that involved nature, man and newly invented creatures. When I was a teenager, the stories transformed into poetry. Over the years, writing poems became my main vehicle for dealing with the tension between the love I have for this world and the constant normalization I have experienced from society. Poetry allowed me to catch my breath and find my own voice. Eventually, the words have set me free.

With workshops I combine my passion for knowledge with my passion for communication. In terms of mindfulness, I host restorative yoga and breath work sessions. Additionally, I organize creative writing sessions. I also provide inspiration and the occasional nudge for startups to gain structure or vested business to gain the fresh perspective of a new generation. And I get requests to have honest conversations with corporations based on my perspective as a gifted queer person of color.

My work in numbers

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Get to know me!

To give you a little taste of who I am and what I do, I post 2-5 minute videos on youtube. I mainly discuss topics such as: life, success, change, society, generic trends and of course personal development. Click on the image below to visit my youtube channel.