Don’t take my word for it…

To get a grasp of the potential impact my services have on your life, feel free to read some testimonials of former clients:

My coaching sessions with Joey helped me to make the next step in my life. He listened to me and knew how to translate my wishes into clear goals. Thanks to his coaching skills I have indeed managed to reach these goals. I strongly recommend having Joey as a business coach.

B, age 24 – Engineer

At the beginning of my trajectory, Joey and I made clear goals that we sharpened along the way. And at the start of a session, we would both agree on where to go for the following time. Joey explains every technique very well. Especially hearing about the background of some of the methodology is very valuable for me.

I can tell Joey was at the top of his class. But it was his intuition, sensitivity and passion that makes him at home in his profession. Joey is very approachable in his communication and body language. He made me feel safe.

Joey has allowed me to find closure. He gave me clarity. I honestly have zero points for improvement. I’m just very grateful. Thank you!

B, age 31 – Entrepreneur

Thanks to my sessions with Joey, the compass I already had has become more powerful. Now all that is left for me to do is take the actual steps.

What I am most pleased about is the fact that I was able to truly open up. This allowed me to really deal with certain issues that were going on in my life at the time. I could only do this because of a pleasant exchange between me and Joey. 

R, age 29 – Consultant

Under the expert guidance of Joey Velberg, we refined our business concept and converted it into a communication plan. Thanks to his fresh perspective, humor, inspiring questions, professional knowledge and clear structure, we were able to streamline and shape our corporate communication. We are all set for the next phase of our business.

Thank you, Joey!

M, age 53 – Business owner

Joey supported us to critically review the story that we tell to the outside world. He gave us practical tools to transform our mission to our daily practices. Joey is highly skilled and knows how to convey his knowledge in a unique way. In addition, he taught us about the importance of continuity and structuring our activities.

Joey, you are authentic and talented. My compliments to who you are and what you do!

L, age 34 – Manager

The debut of Joey gives us a rich palet of his development from adolescent to adult. The poetry is his travel guide and takes us into inner worlds that question ourselves and societies norms. His poems contain a language that appeals to the imagination but also dares to denominate.

J, age 25 – Poet