In a world of increasing polarization and estrangement, we need people who can voice concerns without increasing distance between already distant communities.

Because of my often contradicting demographic features (male, theoretically schooled, low social class, queer, person of color) I have always moved in between different social realities. When I was younger, it felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. But now that I am a seasoned professional, I am starting to see the benefit of having such a position.

Moving between different worlds has allowed me to see the value in every perspective. And in doing so, to break down boundaries. It is of the utmost importance that we keep building bridges. For that, we need an intersectional approach. We need to embrace the wisdom of minorities. And we need the voice of a new generation to do it.

Writing closeup of a mic waiting for you to raise your voice

Guest speaker

As a guest speaker, my main objective is to make people feel safe to discuss sensitive topics. I consider my ambiverted persona and disarming appearance as a big plus in realizing this goal. My core strength is to create an intimate, inviting and personal atmosphere to engage in valuable dialogue. Always with cutting edge topics that have societal relevance, such as color, queerness and masculinity in this day and age. 

I consider my performance as a guest speaker a success when people in the audience have regained a fresh sense of humanity.


As former vice chair of my Programme Committee and trainer of multiple chairs throughout higher education in the Netherlands, I have an extensive experience of chairing important meetings.

In my position as chair, I strive to:
– discuss all items on the agenda

– reach tangible results
– and create a vibrant social atmosphere

It is important to me that members of my meetings feel seen and heard, and walk out of the room with a sense of significance. Both as individuals, as well as a group. Refresh your meetings by engaging in my services as one-time or interim chair.

Dialogue on masculinity

Gender is a construct. Therefore, so is masculinity. And yet few things in life seem so rigid and ubiquitous as masculinity. The amount of boys and men* openly struggling with their gender identity is rising. During this dialogue session, I use my experience as author, trainer and coach to make sure everybody feels safe to share their thoughts and experiences. In doing so, I strive to create a meaningful environment for candor conversations. Feel welcome to join and get one step closer in renewing your masculinity.

*when I say ‘boys and men’, I mean all boys and men: cisgender and transgender, straight and queer, and all colors. 

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