How I can help you

What is an agent of change without a game plan? Or an expert without curiosity?

It is often assumed that in order to become productive adults, we need to shed our youth, naivety and inexperience. But a growth process like this can only lead to one thing: rigidity.

Idealism and seniority are not counterparts. Rather, they are two sides of the same coin. They complement each other, like intuition and logic. Yin and Yang. Personal and Professional development. 

It is the combination of these worlds that leads to happiness and increasing possibilities. Unify your self with my services and become a Young Master in the Art of Life.

Transform your life

There are five ways in which I support you on your journey towards becoming a Young Master: through coaching, constellating, writing, training and speaking.


In my coaching practice, main themes I work with are identity, healing and living your mission. My primary way is the intersection of life, in which, ideally, all roads should amplify each other. I support you in building a good relationship with your self, so you can build a good relationship with your environment. And we, as one people, can create a better world. 


Standardized Western therapy is focused entirely on the individual, and that person’s behavior and skills. So often, however, the issues we experience are mere symptoms of a problem that lies beyond our own lives. One of the ways to resolve this, is to look at the problem from a systemic perspective. Constellation work allows you to zoom out and gain insights from the bigger picture. 


I was a very creative child. Over the years, writing poems became my main vehicle for dealing with the tension between the love I have for this world and the constant normalization I have experienced from society. Recently, I have taken an interest in writing proza as well. Specifically, journalism. As a young, queer person of color I have a unique point of view. One that I am increasingly sharing with society.


Passing on the skills of life artistry brings me great joy. Working with groups is especially beneficial when people are open to not only learn from me but from each other as well. In group settings, the presence of others can help deepen certain experiences. For instance, how to optimize team communication. How to write and perform poetry. Or how to create an inclusive working environment. Feel free to join.


Stories are there to be told. In addition to writing poems and articles, I am also active as a moderator. Themes I am concerned with are masculinity, LGBTQIA+ community, communication and creative entrepreneurship. Given my demographic features, both my story as well as my stage presence are inherently intersectional. Hire me as a speaker and add some queerness and color to your event.


Over the years I have worked with many organizations. You can find a grasp of these clients, stages and writing platforms below:  

Get to know me!

To give you a little taste of who I am and what I do, I post 2-5 minute videos on youtube. I mainly discuss topics such as: life, success, change, society, generic trends and of course personal and professional development. Click on the image below to visit my youtube channel. 

Code of Independence

I care deeply about maintaining a high quality of service. Which is why I have written a ‘Code of Independence’. This text is a declaration of independence and a behavioral code in one. For the full document, please click on the button below. 

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