Why I can help you

Each of us already has everything we will ever need to live our best life. Sometimes we just need a little support to tap into these resources.

For a long time, I was searching for myself. I have spent years looking for the right therapy to help me. Most of the institutionalized ones provided superficial, temporary solutions. That changed when I found life coaching. Through intense coaching sessions, I was able to truthfully close chapters.

After finishing my own healing process, I started to become a life coach myself. After decades of personal and professional development,
I now use my life experiences and coaching intervention techniques to help others.

I have become the person I needed myself all those years ago. The circle is complete. 

Transform your life

In my coaching practice, my primary focus is to help you transform your life. Most of my clients are young adults aged 20 to 35. However, I am open to support people from all age groups, genders, religions, sexual orientation, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds.
All it takes is a desire to change.

One-on-one sessions
In one-on-one sessions we will tackle your challenges together. I will support you in different aspects of your life to help you make the changes you are looking for. Specifically in the areas of identity, creation and transformation issues. Your trajectory is designed to help you move closer to living your life as your true self. And I am a humble guide on your journey to happiness and fulfillment. 

The past couple of years have taught us that flexibility is key. Initially, I was forced to switch to online sessions. But as time progressed, it started to grow on me. I have discovered that working digitally does not equal a loss of quality output. In fact, sometimes working digitally works out better! My coachees prefer meeting online now. Having digital sessions makes it easier to fit an appointment into busy schedules. 

Made to measure
Every life coaching trajectory is carefully constructed based on your needs. Therefore, no trajectory of any of my clients is the same. The sequence of sessions is unique, both in terms of content (the specific intervention techniques) as well as shape (the number of sessions). You are the captain on your ship. You decide the course. I am here to support you. 

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